Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency financial assistance is available through the Emergency Assistance Fund and Transitional Housing Program

ONLY Victim Service Providers can request these funds on behalf of a South Carolina crime victim.  Victim Service Providers can access the PORTAL HERE.  NOTE: You will need a password to enter

If you are a victim service provider and would like to receive the portal password, please email nicole@scvan.org or melissa@scvan.org or call (803) 750-1200 ext. 6031 or 6189.  If it is after normal business hours call (803) 563-7501.

What does the Emergency Assistance Fund cover (for violent crimes only):

    • Crime Scene Cleanup
    • Transportation
    • Medical Equipment
    • Towing/Storage
    • Expenses to Attend Court Hearings
    • Food
    • Clothes
    • Prescriptions
    • Lodging
    • Home Repairs/Locks

    If you have any questions regarding the Emergency Assistance Fund, please contact:

    Nicole Goodwin or Brian Marion at 803-750-1200 ext. 6031 or email nicole@scvan.org

    The mission of The Transitional Housing Program (TTHP) is to assist victims of crime to gain economic stability and achieve their personal goals.

    • Use this checklist to determine the eligibility of the survivor.
    • You may access all information in the VSP PORTAL.

    Applications are accepted on Wednesdays only. Once we receive the application from a SC Victim Service Provider, we will review it and contact the VSP within seven (7) business days.

    If you have any questions regarding Transitional Housing, please contact:

    Melissa Walker at 803-750-1200 ext. 6189 or email tthp@scvan.org


    PHONE: (803) 750-1200