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Since 1984, the South Carolina Victim Assistance Network (SCVAN) has provided coordination for representatives of all agencies involved in victim/witness services through its collaboration, publicity, advocacy, and victim assistance functions.  SCVAN sponsors training and events, and manages five grant-funded programs that provide direct services and resources to our state's crime victims.

 SCVAN programs provide:

  • Emergency Funds for crime victims

  • Information and education via a research website and listserv

  • Resources for victims (“Survival Guides", "Victim View Videos", Resource Directory)

  • Culturally and linguistically competent legal services and referrals for foreign-born crime victims

  • Referrals to criminal justice, health and social service providers

  • Support for Sexual Assault / Forensic Nurse Examiners & Sexual Assault Response Teams

  • Advocacy within the criminal justice system

  • Training and technical assistance for victim service providers, criminal justice professionals and related service providers

SCVAN's staff is available to provide presentations to educate the public about crime and its impact on citizens, or to talk with you if you are a victim of crime.

PHONE: (803) 750-1200