Can we reimburse a victim if they are able to make the purchase?

NO! We cannot reimburse the victim. Only an approved vendor or a third party can be used.

If I have a situation that occurs after hours, how do I take care of my victim?

Staff is available 24/7. Call the afterhours number - 803.563-7501, leave a message and your call will be returned usually within 30-45 minutes.

Why do I need an approval code?

An approval code is a “filing” and verification number that is needed if you have questions that arise about the same case. When you are assigned an approval code, it means that we have received all necessary documents and will pay for the request. Approval codes are issued via email/text, please make sure you have received an approval code before moving forward with services.

Where do I submit invoices after services are rendered?

Remember to submit all bills within 2 weeks of the date of application. We need to have itemized bills for home repairs. Please make sure to include approval code on the bill when submitting.  If the bill should be paid to a third party, remember to include their remittance information. All invoices that haven't been received by 2 weeks after the date of the service will not be paid and the vendor will be asked to contact you directly for payment.

Please submit all invoices via email or fax.

Email: funds@scvan.org

Fax:        1.888.965.5634

Mail:      SCVAN c/o Emergency Financial Assistance Fund

                P.O. Box 212863

                Columbia, SC 29221

Who can serve as a third party?

Any agency or person, other than the victim, can serve as a third party.

How do I get a vendor added to be an approved vendor for the program?

You will need to ask them to complete a Vendor Agreement Form (found on the website). All vendors are subject to review before being accepted to program.


How much money is given per victim for food?

Food voucher amounts are determined by the number of household members and the age of the children. The amounts are also based on funding availability. 

What stores can the victim use for shopping?

We currently have direct bill accounts with Food Lion, Harvey’s, Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo. Make sure to choose a store location that is convenient for you and the victim. Please select desired store and include store number on the application.

Will I need to be with the victim while shopping?

YES! You MUST accompany victim while shopping (very important)! This will ensure the victim doesn't purchase items that are not allowed. 

What do I need to take with me to the store?

You will need to take an authorization form that will be sent to you via fax or email.

What do I do with the authorization form?

Go to the customer service desk BEFORE shopping to ensure that the staff is aware that you are doing a charge sale purchase. 

Is there anything I need to remit to SCVAN after shopping?

Yes! After shopping, please make sure to get the register receipt and charge sale invoice. Please note, some stores no longer issue invoices and will just give you the receipt.


What store do I use to get clothing?

We have a few stores setup as direct bill vendors.  If there is not an approved store in your area, we will still grant approval for clothing requests. A third party will need to purchase the clothing and submit receipt for reimbursement.


Are there any prescriptions that are not covered?

Yes, we are unable to approve Schedule 2 drugs.  A full list of Schedule 2 drugs is found here: https://www.drugs.com/schedule-2-drugs.html

Will the Emergency Fund pay for medicines for 90 days?

No. The Emergency Fund will only pay for a 30-day supply of medicines.

Will the Emergency Fund pay for refills?

Refills can be approved ONLY if it is the first request. 

What pharmacy can we use?

We have a statewide account with Rite Aid. If you had a Rite Aid in your area and it has been converted to Walgreens, our account can be used there. If it has always been a Walgreens, we can not use those stores. A full listing of stores can be found on our list of approved vendors on the webpage.  If there isn't a Rite Aid in your area, we are willing to set up direct bill accounts with pharmacies that are willing to work with us. Please make sure to have them complete a vendor agreement form.

Will I need to accompany the victim to the pharmacy?

No, you will not need to go with the victim to the pharmacy. An authorization form will be sent directly to the pharmacy that has been chosen by the victim (this is the procedure for Rite Aid/Walgreens, may not be the same for other local pharmacies)


What will the Emergency Fund pay for?

We will pay for room and tax only. If the victim is in need of food and the hotel has a restaurant, PLEASE make sure to submit a request for food as well. No incidentals allowed.  

How do I know what hotels I can use?

We are working continually to update our list of approved hotels. The approved vendor list is on our webpage.  If there is not a hotel in your area, complete the vendor request form on the webpage.

How many nights can my client stay at the hotel?

The length of stay is based on the type of crime and the amount of funding available. We will inform you on the approved length of stay.

Is there anything I need to do when victim goes to the hotel?

Yes, the victim has to be transported to the hotel. They cannot check in alone. Victim is required to sign an Emergency Fund Hotel Agreement. Submit this signed document to us as soon as possible. 


Who do I use to get the locks changed for my victim?

We have accounts with several locksmiths statewide.  The approved vendor list is on our webpage. If there is not a locksmith in your area, complete the vendor request form on the webpage.

Can we replace the locks on interior doors?

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace locks for interior doors or storm doors.


What type home repairs are covered?

The Emergency Fund pays for the replacement or repair of windows and exterior doors. Interior repairs and storm doors are not covered.

Am I required to submit estimates?

Two estimates are required for approval if the repairs are over $1000.

Do we have accounts with handymen?

Yes, we have accounts with handymen. Refer to our approved vendor list on our webpage for a county listing. If there isn't a handyman in your area, complete the vendor request form on the webpage.

Are there certain guidelines for requesting home repairs?

Yes, make sure victim's homeowners insurance is used first. If a deductible is required, we will pay the deductible if it’s less than the actual repair bill.

What do I need to do when the work is done?

It is your responsibility to submit the itemized bill to us within 2 weeks of the date of application. The bill can be submitted by fax, mail or email.


Are there certain guidelines for requesting crime scene clean up?

Yes, make sure victim's homeowners insurance is used first. If a deductible is required, we will pay the deductible if it is less than the bill.

Who do we use for crime scene clean up?

Please make sure to ONLY USE approved vendors.  Refer to our approved vendor list on our webpage for a county listing


Will the fund pay for transportation to/from court visits?

Yes. The Emergency Fund now covers expenses for court visits (see below) only if the victim has to travel from over 50 miles away from venue. 

My victim has a car and would like to relocate to another state away from the offender, will the Emergency Fund pay for gas?

We are no longer able to pay for gas.

Will the fund pay for a plane or train ticket?

Our general method of transportation is a bus. However, there are occasions that bus travel isn't feasible. This will be considered a special request and will be submitted to the Emergency Victim Assistance Committee and grant administrator for approval.


What expenses are covered for court hearing attendance?

We will cover the costs of a bus ticket to attend court hearings if the victim lives over 50 miles from the venue. We will also cover lodging for victims (up to 2 nights)  that currently reside over 50 miles from venue. We will also cover the costs of meals for an extending trial/hearing.

Will this cover the cost for witnesses to attend hearings as well?

No, it will only cover the costs for victims, not witnesses.

What additional paperwork will I need to submit for approval?

We will need for you to submit a copy of the court documents with the date of the hearing. For lodging and transportation, we may ask that proof of address be submitted as well.

How do I purchase bus tickets?

Bus tickets would have to be purchased by a third party. The third party will have to submit receipt for reimbursement. We may be able to use company card if request is made in a timely fashion.


Will the fund pay for exams for either glasses or dentures?

No, the Emergency Fund does not pay for medical exams. It will only cover the cost of the dentures or the actual glasses.

Do I need to submit an estimate for glasses?

Yes. An estimate is required for both glasses and dentures. We will only replace glasses with a comparable pair, no upgrades allowed.

Can I purchase crutches?

Yes, we do cover the costs of crutches. The crutches will have to be purchased from an approved vendor or by a third party.




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