Who is Eligible for Funding?

  1. Is this person a victim of crime who suffered physical, psychological, or financial harm in the last three months?

  2. Did the crime occur within the jurisdiction of the state of SC?

  3. Is the victim under the age of 18? If so, is a legal guardian cooperating with the service provider during the application process?

  4. Have all other services & financial resources been explored?

ONLY Victim Service Providers can request these funds on behalf of a South Carolina crime victim.  Victim Service Providers can access the PORTAL HERE.  NOTE: You will need a password to enter

If you are a victim service provider and would like to receive the portal password, please email nicole@scvan.org or call (803) 750-1200 ext. Press * then 6031.  If it is after normal business hours call (803) 563-7501.


PHONE: (803) 750-1200